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Charles Vaughn, Don Hudgins and Gene Nottingham formed Cinetron Computer Systems Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia around 1968.

But before that, Charlie and Don worked at Storer Studios in Atlanta for several years prior to the formation of Cinetron. It was during that time that they were introduced to Gene Nottingham, an engineer at Lockheed Aircraft Company in nearby Marietta, Georgia. Charlie and Don were busy filming and directing Television Commercials and Industrial Films for Storer Studios and Gene was helping some instructors and artists at the Atlanta Art Institute with the creation of environmental sculptures when he wasn’t working in the Flight Test Lab at Lockheed.

But wait… There’s more to it than that and right about now is a good time to ramble a bit and give more details about the players in the early Cinetron story and shine a bit more light on Storer Studios itself and how it played a part in the eventual emergence of Cinetron.

Before the development of Storer Studios, Charlie was a cinematographer and Assistant to the News Director at WAGA-TV, the CBS television affiliate in Atlanta. The Miami based media giant, The Storer Broadcasting Company, owned WAGA-TV along with a number of other television stations, radio and several newspapers around the country.

During his time at WAGATV, Charlie and Bob (Robert M.) Storer, who was the son of the station owner and a salesman at WAGA-TV, became friends. Bob, an amateur photographer himself, had a fascination with motion pictures and a strong desire to become involved in movie production. It was inevitable, it seems, that and he and Charlie would collaborate on a moonlighting venture shooting TV spots and industrial films. Working out of the trunks of their cars, they shared shooting, lighting, editing, sound, grip and janitorial duties with Bob taking the lead in selling their somewhat restricted capabilities.

Eventually, their loose partnership gelled into a corporation: Storer Studios, Inc. Bob provided the financial backing for the venture and served as the company President and CEO while Charlie served as Vice President and handled most of the technical duties.

Soon after the studio was formed, returning Vietnam Veteran and holder of a Masters Degree in Cinema, Don Hudgins was hired by the Studio. His talent as a cinematographer as well as his tireless dedication to quality was largely responsible for capturing a number of TV commercial accounts and his leadership was responsible for a smooth running and capable production crew.